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Demo Reels & Clips From Various Projects

Dramatic Projects Reel

Comedic Projects Reel

Commercials Projects Reel

As Bill in Drew Shaw's short comedy

"The Milkman"

Had a fantastic time playing a fictional retired senior government official trying to convince my milkman he should take a government job.  Of course, he said,  "NO!"

As superhero, Talon

In the opening of Episode 1 of Active Agents created by Ryan Piracha and Jay Shah

As cult member, Bill

In the horror-comedy short "Homeowners' Association" by Forest Veerhoff.  The film was runner-up for best overall picture in the 2017 Adrenaline Film Festival,.  

As a Casino Lawyer

In "A Career Offense" directed by Scott Trotter

As CPA John Baker

In "All's Fair" directed by Mike Cunningham, a "Fan Favorite" winner from Washington DC's 48 hour Film Project competition.

As Chief Justice John Marshall

In the  Fox News Channel's "Legends & Lies: The Patriots" directed by Kevin Hershberger

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