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Phoenix Full Throttle screening 11FEB2018

Superb private screening with cast and crew of Phoenix Full Throttle on 11 FEB 2018!  It's an action filled proof-of-concept that now heads to LA for a 24 February screening with potential backers of the full-length feature, "Phoenix 454." Was a privilege to work on Phoenix Full Throttle and very pleased with how Director Melanie Star Scot brought it all together! 

Shooting with Wide Net Production 23January2018

Played a police officer on an episode of Wide Net Productions' new Investigation Discovery channel TV show "Dead of Night."  First episode is due to premier in April, but you won't see me until episode 4.  Great time on set!

Representation by BAC Talent  Offered and Accepted

Excited to announce that I started freelancing on 12 December 2017 with Brandon Cohen of BAC Talent as my manager!  

"Grey Angel Journals" shoot 29December2017

Last 2017 shoot for me was 29 December on the set of Grey Angel Journals proof of concept pilot, Beneath, in West Virginia.  It was fantastic to step back into the '70s with creator/writer/director Shawn Vanden and his Woburn-Roxbury Media team.  Excited to work with Shawn's crew and Raoul Anderson, my acting partner in the scene, again soon.

Set picture courtesy of Shawn Vanden.

"Unexpecting" released

The 40 min. short film "Unexpecting" was released 1 December 2017.  I play Larry, the lead character's boss.  Really enjoyed working this project  with the McGreffen Studios and Studio10 team. Congratulations to Tim Goodell and Charles McHenry for another quality film.

"Active Agents" Episode 1 released 7December2017

The "Active Agents" web series pilot was released on 7 December 2017 on YouTube.  Playing a spandex-clad over-the-top superhero was riotous fun and a great opportunity to stretch some comedic skills.  With luck additional episodes will shoot soon.

"Homeowners' Association" is Runner-Up for Best Film at Adrenaline Film Project 21October2017

Short horror-comedy "Homeowners' Association", in which I played a lead as "Bill", was judged as runner-up for best film in the Adrenaline Film Project competition 21 October 2017.  Was a great privilege to work with a very creative crew and cast led by Director Forest Veerhoff.

12 October played role of newspaper editor Will Hutton in the first ever staged reading of selected scenes from the new play "The Best Doctor in Town."   Audience feedback was good.  Looking forward to performing the entire play in earnest starting April  2017.  

October 13, 2017

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Phoenix 454 added 2 new photos  October 18 at 7:50am

Northern Virginia actor Daniel Braswell was absolutely perfect as Ed Tanner, Lane's father in our proof-of-concept, "Phoenix Full Throttle". He was a directors dream to work with, a consummate professional who would be a benefit to any film production.

6 October started Paul Michael's Next Level Actor program in Washington, DC. First time Paul has brought the program to DC.  His insights into the NYC market are fantastic.  Looks like it's going to be a great ride.

October 11, 2017

29 September I had the privilege to work with actors David Topp and Valerie Rose in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  We shot multiple scenes for Phoenix Full Throttle.  Hoping to see the finished product the end of the month.  

October 1, 2017

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Shooting on Pilot in Baltimore

September 18, 2017

18 September fantastic shoot with Lyon Beckwith and Glenn Ghirardi as part of Andy Epsilantis' new horror anthology pilot he's producing for Netflix consideration.

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